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Depuy ASR Hip Cup Revision - DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers

Depuy ASR Hip Cup Revision - DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers: "The DePuy hip recall of the DePuy ASR hip cup comes years after the Johnson Law Firm's hip implant lawyers' investigation of the DePuy hip implant revealed published data and DePuy hip patients' reports indicating that the DePuy hip device was defective and that the DePuy hip recall was necessary for the safety of the patients.

Patients with the Depuy ASR ACETABULAR CUP revisions should contact us about their rights. Depuy markets the ASR hip cup under the brand name ASR (Articular Surface Replacement). The DePuy ASR™ System is a large diameter, high performance metal-on-metal hip resurfacing device.

Numerous FDA reports of patients with loose DePuy ASR Acetabular Cups have been made by doctors after performing revision surgery.

The ASR hip cup revision reports also mention instances of loosening, pseudotumour and metallosis / (sic) metalosis. Surgeons have noted upon revsion that the DePuy ASR hip cup was 'loose and easy to revise” and 'the cup popped right out. There was no evidence of any bony ingrowth.” This is in spite of the surgeon’s prerevision observation that 'The patient was revised to address complaint of extreme pain when weight bearing. X-rays looked good, and cup was in position.” "