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Topiramate (Topamax), Mood Disorders and PTSD

Topiramate (Topamax), Mood Disorders and PTSD NOTE: Topiramate is only approved for the treatment of people with seizures. There are few systematic studies that establish the safety or efficacy of topiramate as a treatment for people with mood disorders, PTSD, or eating disorders While such studies are underway, what is currently known about the use of topiramate for the control of mood disorders, PTSD and eating disorders comes mostly from uncontrolled case reports.

1. What is topiramate (Topamax)?

Topiramate is an anticonvulsant that is chemically unrelated to any other anticonvulsant or mood regulating medication. The mechanism of action is unknown.

2. When was topiramate approved for marketing in the USA and for what indications may it be promoted?

topiramate received final approval for marketing in the USDA on 24 December 1996 and is labeled for use as an anticonvulsant.

3. Is a generic version of topiramate available?

There is no generic topiramate as the manufacturer has patent protection.

4. How does topiramate differ from other mood stabilizing drugs?

Topiramate differs from other mood stabilizing drugs in two major ways:

1. topiramate's frequent effectiveness for patients who have failed to respond to antidepressants or mood stabilizers;

2. topiramate's unique side-effect profile.

5. What, if anything, uniquely distinguishes topiramate from carbamazepine and valproate?

Topiramate has been successful in controlling rapid cycling and mixed bipolar states in people who have not received adequate relief from carbamazepine and/or valproate.