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Criminology and Criminal Justice

Keuka College: Criminology and Criminal Justice at Keuka College: "Criminology and criminal justice at Keuka College offers a unique program encompassing both criminology and criminal justice to give you a more complete education and to better prepare you for your career.
Criminology, a sub-field of sociology, is the scientific study of crime. It includes an examination of the social origins of criminal law, the causes of criminal behavior, and societal strategies to control and prevent crime.

Criminal Justice involves the study of law-enforcement agencies, courts, corrections, and criminal law and the relationships among them.

The core of our major in enhanced by the inclusion of courses in political science, sociology and psychology.

Our small college environment allows out faculty members to spend the time that is needed to establish and maintain vital and effective advising relationships with our students. This allows our students to supplement their major with carefully chosen relevant courses, such as accounting, organizational management, biology, American Sign Language, and other social sciences.

Many of our students also complete a minor in another discipline such as psychology, sociology, or Spanish. Some students are able to complete a double major. "