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Green Loans

Save your planet and your pocket
A Community First Green Loan can be used to finance the purchase of 5 star rated environmentally friendly products, including cars.
Our Green Loan rewards you for going green by giving you a super low personal loan rate to assist you in making these environmentally friendly purchases.
Examples of products covered by our Green Loan product include:
* Any vehicle with a 5 star environmental rating (View qualifying cars)
* Solar hot water systems
* Energy efficient white goods and appliances
* Insulation
* Rainwater tanks
* Double glazing
* Photovoltaic (PV) panels and systems
* Grey water treatment system

View all qualifying products>

Our Green Loan Benefits

# A personal loan at our standard variable mortgage rate
# No monthly loan account keeping fees
# Additional payments allowed
# Redraw on your loan
# Ability to roll your loan in to a home loan at an even cheaper rate
# Loan terms from 1-5 years
# Loan amounts from $1,000 to $35,000 for 5 star rated products and up to $50,000 for 5 star rated cars
Please note that our Green Loan is not available for debt consolidation purposes.