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6 ways to live like a billionaire

Spending tips from frugal billionaires – MSN Money: "6 ways to live like a billionaire
Some people who clearly can afford to be big spenders choose a much more frugal lifestyle. Maybe they know something the rest of us could learn.
By Investopedia

Carlos Slim Helú, a telecom tycoon and billionaire with well-known frugal tendencies, has a net worth of $60.6 billion according to Forbes. Assuming no changes in his net worth, he could spend $1,150 a minute for the next 100 years before he ran out of money.
To put this in perspective, he could spend in 13 minutes -- what a minimum-wage earner brings home after an entire year of the daily grind.
Granted, the world's billionaires (all 1,011 of them) are in the position of having, quite literally, more money than they can possibly spend, yet some still live well below their means and save money in surprising places. Even nonbillionaires can partake in these spending tips from frugal billionaires."