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Stop the Blame Game Over Your Credit Card Debt

Stop the Blame Game Over Your Credit Card Debt: "Do you want to know the quickest way that someone still isn’t ready to accept responsibility for their own financial life and take control over their credit card debt? It’s that they still blame others, the economy, the economic system, political system, their boss, or anyone or anything other than themselves. The only justifiable and legitimate excuse is those unfortunate individuals who find themselves in the midst of a horrible health scare and rack up massive debts to survive. Unless that’s you, there’s something you need to hear: Get. Over. It.

You are not a bad person. You are not a stupid person. You just made some foolish choices. It had nothing to do with your income. It had nothing to do with your family. Every time you swiped your credit cards, you made a willing decision to borrow what you did not have. The very first month the statement came and you couldn’t pay off the entire balance in full, you had exceeded your resources. That’s the moment you got in trouble.

This message should not be discouraging! Instead, it should empower you. If you got yourself into huge credit card debt then you have the power to get yourself out of it. It’s that simple. The moment you can look into the mirror and say, 'it's my fault' and truly own the situation, you can begin to turn it around just like millions of people before you have done. "