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Bankruptcy and managing your money

"Your current bank or building society will decide if you can continue using your accounts and what facilities will be made available to you.
There are restrictions you will have to agree to if you use a bank or building society account during your bankruptcy. You must tell:
* a lender you are bankrupt if you borrow more than £500 – for example, an overdraft or buying something on credit (it is a criminal offence not to)

* a lender you are bankrupt if you want to open a new account
* your trustee or Official Receiver about any new accounts if they ask about them or you have more money in there than you reasonably need

If you need help or advice on any of the bankruptcy restrictions, speak to your trustee or get independent advice.
Options for managing your money

There are ways to manage your money during your bankruptcy, for example:

* basic bank accounts – no credit checks and no overdraft or other credit facilities
* prepaid debit or credit cards – no credit checks and you can only spend the money you load onto the card
* Post Office 'Card Accounts' – only used for receiving benefits

Find out more about your options from organisations like Citizens Advice and the National Debtline"