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College of Business - Accounting - Major

Alfred University - College of Business - Accounting - Major: "Professional focus
The accounting major focuses on preparing students for professional certification - the CPA for public accounting or the CMA for corporate or government accounting.
Experienced faculty
Accounting faculty have practices in the field of corporate and/or public accounting and all hold professional licenses as CPAs, CMAs or both. They are also active researchers and publishers in accounting.

Exceptional environment
Both inside and outside the classroom, the College of Business provides an enriched learning experience.

* Use the latest computerized accounting applications.
* Attend professional accounting meetings.
* Meet with professional accountants.
* Take advantage of leadership opportunities.
* Participate in study tours.
* Work with clients.

The placement rate for College of Business accounting graduates is exceptionally strong (virtually 100%) and is an indication of the high quality of our program. Our placement rate for those going to CPA firms is nearly twice the national average. "