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DePuy ASR Hip Implant Failure Lawsuit

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DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuits

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DePuy ASR Hip Implant Cup is Failing Long Before Expected and Advertised
The New York Times reported on March 10, 2010 that DePuy Orthopedics Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson, recently warned doctors that its ASR hip implant cup is failing in patients long before DePuy expected and advertised. The article notes that similar implants typically last 15 years or longer, but recent complaints have revealed a high failure rate within only a few years of ASR system implantation.

The DePuy ASR System is a large diameter, metal-on-metal hip replacement system. There are a few possible ways the device can malfunction, related to both its design and its implantation. Its design defects appear to be related to its component materials (cobalt chrome) and the friction it transfers to directly to the acetabulum.
Johnson & Johnson Defective Hip System Recall
It is also difficult to implant at the proper angle. Due to the design of the device, it has an unexpectedly low tolerance for implantation at an incorrect angle. Positioned incorrectly, surrounding bone is less likely to grow into the ASR's acetabular cup, often preventing the cup from becoming permanently fixed in the acetabulum.
Unfortunately, in either case, the device's failure results in the need for costly and painful surgical replacement procedures, called "revision" surgery.
Although the decision to take the ASR system off the shelf was not officially announced until March of 2010, there were indications much earlier that the metal-on-metal ASR hip replacement system was leading to high incidence of patient complaints.