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Asbestos Lawsuits: Who Is At Greater Risk Of Asbestos Related Injury?

Asbestos Lawsuits: Who Is At Greater Risk Of Asbestos Related Injury?: "The people at greatest risk of developing an asbestos-related injury are those with very heavy exposure over many years on the job. Generations of Americans were exposed to deadly asbestos fibers while serving in Naval shipyards during World War II and subsequent wars. American auto plants are also notorious for exposing factory workers to asbestos, an ingredient still utilized to this day in automobile brake shoe linings.

Mesothelioma, frequently the result of an employer's choice for greater profits over worker health safety, is usually caused by workplace exposure to airborne asbestos fibers – which can exist in older buildings and products. In fact, the makers of asbestos and asbestos-containing products and the companies that marketed them to the public, knew all too well of the dangers to a person's health.

If you think you might have an asbestos lawsuit , contact an experienced asbestos lawyer today to discuss your situation and determine if you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries."