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New York Burn Injury Resources

New York Burn Injury Resources: "Burn injuries are among the most painful and medically complicated injuries to treat and often require long recuperation and rehabilitation periods. To request a preliminary evaluation and information on options after a workplace or home burn injury from a qualified lawyer, contact Burn Injury Online.
Understanding Burns and Their Consequences

Nerve endings are damaged when skin is burned. Nerve damage results in intense pain, which may become chronic. Burns can also affect one's blood vessels, bones and muscles – even the respiratory system can be damaged, with possible respiratory failure and airway obstruction. Burn survivors may also suffer from permanent physical disfigurement and organ failure.

A burn injury is one of the most expensive types of catastrophic injuries to treat. Aside from initial hospitalization, significant costs also include subsequent hospital admissions for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Serious burn injuries can also alter one's appearance and present physical challenges that affect one's ability to earn a living and lead a normal life. A burn victim may suffer from significant emotional and psychological trauma, as well as ongoing financial loss.

Burn Injury Online is provided as a source of information and practical help for burn victims and their families throughout New York. The attorney sponsors of this Web site have cultivated working relationships with top internationally renowned experts who care for and treat burn injury victims, and with expert forensic engineers who identify the 'root-cause” of burn producing events. These NYC burn injury experts and physicians have trained at the most prestigious academic institutions and are held in high esteem by their peers in the scientific community."